What is this?

Crowd-sourcing Pokemon Fusions for fan-game, because there are a lot. (a little over 10 000)

An engine is currently being made to recreate the original game, but with the ability to fuse any two pokemon of the original 151.

All images here can be used if you credit the author in some way, shape, or form. 


  • Every page should have two pictures, one back sprite and one front sprite, and the name of the author. 
  • The page must be named: Pokemon 1 + Pokemon 2 (where pokemon 1 has a lower number in pokedex)
  • Both sprites should be generation 3 versions.
  • Both sprites should be centered and 64x64. (Like in spritedex)
  • See Bulbasaur + Charmander for an example.
  • Let's try to retain some quality.
  • If both pokemon have evolutions, only make fusions that match. (Weedle-Pikachu, Kakuna-Raichu)

Pokemon Spriting Agenda:

Bulbasaur - Blastoise

Caterpie - Beedrill

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